Clothing retailer Primark intends to strengthen its digital marketing capability in order to deliver more personalised content to the customer base. In newly-announced trading figures for the last six months, Primark's sales reached £3.4 billion and the operating profit margin topped 10%.


The tagline "That's Asda Price" is being ditched for a second time, just one year after its relaunch. The supermarket, with 14.2% of the UK's grocery spend, is switching to campaigns centred on how it makes a difference to customers' lives. Talk will be of the quality of service and products rather than price.


Cosmetics business Coty, with a products portfolio that includes Rimmel, Hugo Boss, Max Factor, Gucci and CoverGirl, has highlighted its "fewer, bigger and better" brand strategy as key to a recent return to sales growth and debt reduction. Latest quarterly figures show a global revenue of £3.36 billion and it promises to concentrate investment behind brands that demonstrate marketshare success.


Weetabix has remained consistent with its breakfast brand for over 90 years and been able to innovate without compromising brand values. That's according to marketing chief Gareth Turner, who said Weetabix has done nothing more than tweak its image, in order to avoid looking old fashioned.


Manchester-based online retailer Boohoo has announced plans to invest £500 million over the next five years, probably creating 5,000 jobs. The company has said that for every new job, a further 1.7 are added in the wider economy. It added that 94% of its jobs and other benefits are in the regions.